About Us

Pets do some puzzling things – just last week, we found our cat, Mr Potato, with his head stuck inside a solo cup. After a couple frantic moments of chasing him around, followed by a brief wrestling match, we managed to get his head unstuck.

Five minutes later, we found him with his head stuck. Again.

Like you, we understand that our pets are weird, goofy, quirky, and gosh darn it, we love em more for it. We’d also like to use this time to ask that you give your pal a good scratch behind the ear, on our behalf of course.

Here at Pet Jigsaws we’re thinking outside the box to find a way to commemorate the best and oddest moments us pet parents share with our critter friends. Your one-of-a-kind creation comes boxed with love, creativity, and many MANY tiny pieces.

So send us your favourite photo of your furry (or scaly, we won’t judge) buddy, pick a background, and get ready to build - piece by piece – a memory that will last a life time!